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Dictate clinical notes instantly with MDLog

Simplify your clinical documentation and eliminate transcription costs using the power of your voice.

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    Quick & Simple Clinical Documentation

    Quick & Simple Clinical Documentation

    Focus on patients, not paperwork

    Quickly dictate and file patient notes with your iPhone or iPad, dramatically reducing the time spent documenting notes. Designed to simplify your workload and enhance your productivity, MDLog maximizes your face time with patients.

    Everything you need… in an App

    Everything you need... in an App

    Your everyday tasks in the palm of your Hand

    Leave your paper forms, laptops, and complex high-tech connectivity to your practice at the door. MDLog gives you the accessibility, mobility, and powerful functionality though a simple interface to create, edit, and post patient charts all from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad anytime anywhere.

    Efficient Practitioner Workflow

    Efficient Practitioner Workflow

    Optimize care, the way you work

    Take advantage of optimized workflow designed specifically for multi-practitioner, multi-facility In-Patient and Long-Term Care practices, decreasing the time to create legible, structured and comprehensive clinical notes, eliminating transcription costs and increasing face time between you and your patients. Automate administrative tasks like posting of notes, and billing, to grow your practice without growing your staff.

    Safe, Secure Patient Data

    Safe, Secure Patient Data

    Your Security is Our Priority

    Your data is always safe with MDLog. Any data created with MDLog is securely encrypted, where only you can access it. We store and backup your patient data in our secure data center, allowing you to remain confident in your HIPAA compliance.

    Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

    Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

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    MDLog uses a simple flat monthly fee with no upfront costs and no contracts.

    You can be up and running using MDLog in less than 5 minutes.

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