Reimagining the EMR experience; MDOps to demonstrate “Mili” at Health 2.0 Conference


MDOps will be at Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara demonstrating “Mili” their virtual clinical assistant and how providers can make smarter clinical decisions without having to deal with their EMR. Melville, NY (Sept. 27, 2016, PRLog)
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SANTA CLARA, Calif.Sept. 27, 2016PRLog — MDOps, ( a voice controlled healthcare solutions provider, has been invited to speak at Health 2.0, on September 28 in Santa Clara, California during the session “Reimagining the EMR Experience” at 11:45 AM PST. MDOps will demonstrate how a physician can use Mili their virtual clinical assistant to make smarter clinical decisions at the point of care without compromising on their efficiency.

“Today’s complex EMRs are forcing clinicians to choose between efficiency and outcomes” said Avinash Kodey, Co-Founder and CEO at MDOps. “But with the industry shift to outcomes based payment models and falling reimbursement rates providers are facing financial risks either way. While there is a general effort by technology vendors to address the problem by reducing the number of clicks we are jumping the curve to eliminate the clicks altogether and fundamentally change how one can interact with technology. An affordable and efficient healthcare requires technology smart enough to understand healthcare professionals instead of the other way round.”

During the session “Reimagining the EMR Experience” MDOps will demonstrate how a clinician using an iPhone can talk to an EMR in his or her natural language just like with a human assistant to instantly record, retrieve and analyze patient data to make an informed decision for better outcomes.

About MDOps
MDOps is the leading innovator of voice-controlled physician care. Using our virtual clinical assistant technology, physicians can now use the power of their voice to efficiently provide care, make smarter decisions, and create better outcomes without dealing with complex EMR applications. To learn more, visit

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Spent 18 years building enterprise applications for workflow automation as director at CA Technologies, For the last 7 years he has been focused on simplifying the workflow of clinicians in pursuit of an efficient, low cost healthcare delivery system.

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